It won't give it to you. Constantly thinking about what happened in the last 12 months, what went well and what became an absolute flop that you want to forget. The urge to take stock during the last days of the year is something many of us have. Taking stock is simply folklore, a habit and a fairly natural activity of our minds as we approach that period in late December when Christmas and the subsequent holidays are behind us. How do you take stock? We will introduce you to approaches that will help you to balance properly. And that includes relationships and sex.

According to several surveys, for many people the end of the year is even the saddest time of the year. What does that mean? No doubt that many of us look at the balancing act the wrong way and unnecessarily see everything too black. Of course, the other extreme - rose-tinted glasses and all-around sunshine - isn't ideal either. Before you get into the whole balancing thing, you need to set your own internal compass on a rational path. Simply don't overdo anything, don't over-experience and instead analyse rationally. Set out your account of the past year accordingly, you might say. A balance sheet is literally an overall view of the result of some activity or condition. So why create it incorrectly unnecessarily.

Taking a balance sheet can advance you a lot in many areas

So why balance sheet anyway? Fundamental question. Analyzing your entire past year will allow you to be more successful in the next year. That is, if when you take stock, you learn from what really went wrong, enjoy the success of what went right, and underline the whole thing with a vision for the next year. Feel free to write it all down. It will help. Make a note of everything you see as a plus and a minus. Include all the areas that are important to you. Relationships and sex shouldn't be missing. They are a big part of a happy life. Try it - write, think, go back in your mind to situations. It's the perfect first step to a healthy balance sheet. Even that kind of analysis can open your eyes before the year is out. And that's not all. Because you can turn a lot of minuses into pluses. Really!

Making pluses out of minuses, or becoming more successful

Almost everything is about our attitude. Some people see a given thing as a total failure, others as an opportunity to improve. And that's the point. When taking stock, an important step is to think about whether what you seemingly failed to do has a different meaning. Try to look at the issue in a different way. Did the woman of your dreams, the one you put a lot of your energy into, reject you? Didn't you interview for your dream job? Don't know why you've been single for a long time and relationships don't work out? At first, it's hard to find the positive in the negative. Well, carefully go through the whole list of cons you wrote down in the first step and look at them with a different perspective. But how does one arrive at such an internal adjustment? Let's take two illustrative examples:

Minus #1 - I can't satisfy women in the long run

This can be a big and fundamentally limiting problem in intimate life and relationships. Is it even possible to find a positive in such a failure? Most men who experience repeated failure to satisfy women are accompanied by great frustration and often get stuck at this point. They don't know what to do next. They feel bad, inferior. Yet the whole problem can really be looked at positively. Seriously! 
It's like other mistakes. Whoever learns from them is the winner. Whoever repeats them, does something wrong all the time without deeper awareness, loses. So how to find the positive in this example? Just the fact that you are definitely in the process of learning and trying something new must give you a positive kick! A survey of the marketplace of books and coaches focused on seduction should definitely meet you and lead you to new energy and a confidently erect head no doubt as well. The journey is the destination. This journey is going to be great and you will come out of it a winner. Isn't that a great thought for the year ahead? That's the way to find positivity and motivation... 

Minus #2 - I can't get over my fear and say what I want

Insecurity is a bitch. It limits us in so many ways in life. Fear stems from insecurity. And in worse cases, total paralysis and inability to make a decision. Is your life falling apart because of uncertainty and the resulting fear? Fear about saying more in an interview, when negotiating a contract, but also in your personal life when you are with a woman or among other men? Again, it can be very difficult to look at the overall problems associated with fear in a positive way. After all, many of us carry various patterns associated with fear from school, from a very young age. You know what you learn when you're young! 
But don't worry, even in this case you can have the upper hand and see fear as a challenge to overcome for the next year. The point is to realize that everyone has fears. Not to see it only in yourself. Many of the people around you mask fear perfectly. And so does your boss at work. In psychology, you could say that someone who doesn't have fear is unstable. So just acknowledging everyone's fear will calm you down and make you act better.
Also, training will help - make it a point in the new year to step out of your comfort zone in small steps and ask for even small, less challenging things. This will train you to succeed in more difficult negotiations and decisions later on.