Many men do not know how to touch women properly. This is true in relaxed contact in society, but also at home, in the bedroom. The result? Most often the results are 2: when dating you end up as a friend instead of a lover and in a relationship you can't satisfy a woman in the long term because you can't touch her in the right places, with the right feeling and at the right time. What does such an erotic map of the female body actually look like? What kind of touches are guaranteed to turn a woman on?

We'll talk about touching while dating next time. In this article, we want to tell you more about those erogenous zones that you need to keep in your crosshairs during foreplay or when trying to arouse a woman's desire for sex. A woman's body is covered with several really sensitive areas that you should be interested in if you want to be successful in lovemaking and such that a woman will never get tired of having sex with you. A lot of men only see the mouth, breasts, ass and crotch as the points to spark arousal in women. But this is a really fatal mistake - with this approach with any female partner you will soon end up as an extremely predictable man who has no ideas, can't play, is not inventive. Then sex like that is worthless. In short, you'll be stuck with just ordinary lovemaking with a clearly defined beginning, course and end - climax.

You know what? That period of time before the actual lovemaking can be a lot more exciting fun than you think. When you know exactly the erogenous zones, you can stimulate a high sexual response, then slow it down a bit - in short, make the whole process much more lively. Women love this. Seriously. Women love it when you know exactly where to touch them at what time, and especially when they can't be sure of the intensity with which you're going to do it. This ignorance, the moments of surprise and twists and turns, leads to much better orgasms as a result. You actually kind of "shake" a woman like champagne until she completely explodes with pleasure. Indulging your partner in this will guarantee you a love life that never runs out of spark. We can guarantee it. But now for the actual points... We've deliberately chosen the less common, overlooked (wrongly!)


You may be wondering why the armpits. Have you ever thought about it during foreplay? If you're not squeamish and can get over a bit of sweat and a sometimes not perfectly shaved area, the armpit can be a surprising erogenous zone. Think of it this way: a woman's armpit is very sensitive. And for many of us, very ticklish!
Try this: Move your fingertips lightly up and down at first, then change the movement to a brisk circular motion, paying close attention to what elicits the best response. It's playful, confident, but also seductive.


Although the ears are considered highly erotic, they are often overlooked, making them an even hotter spot. Seriously. How often do you lightly bite your partner's ear or lightly lick it? What about the touch itself? Ears are actually very sensitive to touch because there are a huge number of sensory receptors in them. How to get started?
While kissing, you can lightly trace the outline of your partner's ear with your fingertips. Fireworks can be set off just by gently kissing and nibbling. It can be especially powerful and stimulating when you penetrate your partner while doing so. Playing with ears helps many women climax or intensify their orgasm.

Places between the toes

Focusing on the feet, another erogenous zone that people don't always think about is between the toes. In fact, almost any area here on the toes can become an erogenous zone - it just takes the right type of touch. This is due to how thin, delicate and sensitive the skin between the toes is. Does that make sense? This area can be extremely exciting for your partner!
And if you want to stimulate this area, start with a sensual foot massage targeting the ultra-sensitive skin between the toes. In this case, massage is a great way to learn how to work the area for the benefit of arousal.

Inner thighs

Men love to stroke women's legs, but few do it well. Before moving straight to the main course, before moving into a woman's lap, try spending a little time teasing your partner's inner thighs. The skin here is highly sensitive and full of nerve endings, which means it is extremely sensitive to nibbling, biting and licking. If you want to kick that teasing up to the next level, try circling these areas with an ice cube.  

Ass to thigh transition

Lots of men like to play with their wives' butts. Spanking, spanking, massaging or anal teasing - it's actually a bit of a "classic". Some women are ashamed of their buttocks, they think they are not very nice, not very shapely, etc. and therefore they don't like it much when a man focuses on these parts. Mostly it's just due to nonsensical marketing that only shows "beautiful" people without flaws. What are we saying? In short, if your partner doesn't really like playing with her butt, or if it's too "old" for you, try moving to the areas where the butt joins the thighs. This area, the crease, is also one hell of an erogenous zone worth experimenting with.


We deliberately do not list the breasts themselves. Every man likes to play with them. He squeezes them, strokes them, licks them. But what about the nipples themselves? A list of erogenous zones without nipples is like a pizza without cheese: it's just not complete. 
What about nipples? Although every man's nipple sensitivity varies, there's no doubt that when it comes to erogenous zones, they're high on the list. And even higher if you know how to use them properly to maximize your partner's arousal.
Some women can even have a nipple orgasm without any other type of stimulation. With nipples, how you play with them is really crucial. And also, at what time of year.
Because nerve sensitivity can vary, especially during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy. It is important to communicate with your partner about when she perceives her nipples to be sensitive. While some women love pinching and twisting their nipples, others will settle for just a gentle rub or lick. 

The Nipple

There are so many nerve endings in the nape of the neck and the back of the neck in general that a light touch is all it takes for most women to go wild. Try focusing on the back of your neck a lot more during kissing - lightly run your fingertips up and down the back of your neck. Watch the reaction. Do you like it? Continue. Try different intensities. Or just start kissing that spot right away! It'll cause a storm!


How's your partner adjusting down there? If her pubic area is a place where she takes great care in grooming and appearance, perhaps this is a subconscious invitation to touch this area more.
The area above the pubic bone can be a really electrifying place when stimulated properly. In fact, a woman's pubic area is connected quite fundamentally to the genitals and thus to the sexual response, thanks to sensitive nerve endings and glands that emit pheromones (chemicals produced by the female body that can trigger sexual desire).
To properly activate this spot, start massaging your partner's stump - even with light pressure. This can work to increase arousal very quickly! Lightly massaging the skin between your fingers, or gently sucking and pulling the skin of the mound will cause some tingling sensations in many women. And that's a damn good way to have a very powerful orgasm later on!

So what do you think of these points? Focus on them, play around and see how your partner responds! We wish that these games deepen your love relationship.