The centre of your life is yourself. Does that sound obvious? To some it does, but others don't, without perhaps fully realizing it. Many men live their partners' lives more than their own. They do what is asked of them and forget about their own passions and priorities. It's a huge shame, because many of these men will realize at some point, some sooner, some later, perhaps in retirement, how much they have given up their mission for others - whoever has come into their lives. Are you one of those who don't want to let this scenario happen? Then read our concept of the essential elements of a man's life.

Stepping away from your life mission can happen with the snap of your fingers. The sad part is not finding your life mission at all. But what do you mean by that phrase? Actually, it's simple. Simply living your own life. A full, authentic one. Mission, action, value-building. And stick to it. When you live authentically, you don't get thrown off by just anything. You'll handle breakups easily, you'll wave your hand at your employer's termination, you'll know your own responsibility, and you definitely won't end up like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, crying over his love and saying that only with her is his life complete. This scene is a direct demonstration of a man's desperation, a man without a mission of his own, who always needs someone around him to give direction to his life (in other words, to lead him like an obedient sheep). Forget all the myths about soul mates and platonic love, too; this living-not-living is simply stood on its head, and equally stood on its head is the natural, authentic male role.

Before we get to the concept, let's take one prime example of a man who wasn't living his life and found out rather late, at the least opportune time. He has just passed 60, so retirement is imminent. All his life he did what he was told, he had a rather passive role in the relationship. He was gentle and although he took over the family business, he was rather frugal, didn't go anywhere much, neglected his hobbies and passions of the time. Instead, what was important to him was peace in the relationship, security. And then, one day, when he found that he could almost see retirement age ahead of him, the "rebellious child" syndrome set in. It was like he suddenly had to catch up. He started cheating on his wife, he started dressing badly as if he were 30 years younger, he tried to catch up on all the hobbies he had so neglected, he suddenly forgot all the security he had demanded all his life. And he even underwent plastic surgery on his eyelids, in an attempt to turn back the clock, to recapture his unfulfilled youth. The family fell apart, the business went into the red, the children despised him. And all he had to do was live his own life all those years before. This is not where you want to end up.

The concept of a fulfilled life

The goal of the concept below is to keep in balance and as stable as possible all the pillars on which a fulfilled, authentic life rests. Remember that such a life is attractive to women. Extraordinary. At the same time, remember that women are not the pillar above it all. Bring them into life naturally, don't wrap life around them, don't put them on a pedestal. In short, focus on the individual pillars so that everything works as a whole.

Solid health, energy, fitness

This is probably the most important pillar, although as we write above, it's all about balance between the pillars. Still, it's probably clear to everyone that we can't do much without good health. So don't treat yourself like a recycling machine and remember that health is not a given. This is true even if you are in your early twenties. Plus, if you don't treat yourself well, it's much more likely to rub off later. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity - this is just a narrow list of the problems that can befall you with an unhealthy lifestyle. Start playing sports regularly, go to the gym occasionally, buy quality food and support everything with quality supplements to kick-start your body's defences and energy. Forbid yourself food whose origin you do not know, forbid yourself excessive alcohol and preferably do not smoke. And none of this would work without quality sleep. Make it a priority instead of watching porn at night!

Striving to be financially independent

You should not immediately translate the money you earn into spending. And if you are already spending, always think about the purpose of the investment, whether you really need the item, whether it is not a complete waste. A large number of people who complain about poverty are just spending too much unnecessarily. Unwisely. It would be enough to put away a thousand each month and build up a small investment portfolio, but the value of that portfolio will grow over time. Investing and financial literacy are the best path to financial independence. This does not mean that you have to be extremely wealthy. In fact, financial independence is a cushion of resources that allows you not to stress about whether you will make ends meet that month or whether you will be able to pay for unexpected costs that may arise in life - like expensive energy now. It's the only way you won't have to keep looking back and can live life to the full.

Discipline and order

Chaos in life is never attractive and will catch up with you one day or another. And it will in your personal and professional life when the people around you run out of patience with you. Make it a point to be disciplined, bring order in your life. It will be appreciated by all around you, but most importantly, it will make your life much easier. Especially quality women never want to start anything with someone who doesn't have their life firmly in their hands. At the same time, in chaos you can't even devote yourself to your favorite things, because it's hard to make up for the honest time when you can fully focus and get into a state of flow.

Relationships with people

Always try to surround yourself with people you find inspiring and feel comfortable with. Your social circle should also be closed to all the perpetually negative, frustrated people and slackers who live the most boring lives in the world (even though they may be happy in them). Learn to give, praise, support everyone you care about. Try to have great relationships with many women and above all never lie to anyone.

Sex life

Do you desire to have several mistresses or one fulfilling relationship? Whatever your goal, in any case, strive to have great and regular sex, be a master at pleasing women and challenging them. The more sex you have, the more likely you are to be able to connect perfectly with a woman's mind. You will sense what is exciting to her, when to add, when to subtract, when to be gentle and when to not be afraid to go wild. If you don't have regular sex now, work on the previous pillar - relationships with people. As you meet new people on a regular basis, you will automatically meet more women as well, which will bring guaranteed chances to establish new intimate relationships as well. 

Joy and fun

Always try to find joy and fun in what you do. This is guaranteed to prevent possible burnout and bring your projects to a successful conclusion. You should directly absorb positive emotions, seek them out, try to create them. They will give you the fuel to achieve a fulfilled life. A large percentage of people go into a job they don't enjoy, do business in an area they have no connection to, and it's all a shame. If something is spoiling your ability to enjoy yourself for a long time, don't hesitate to give it up. You'd just be dragging an imaginary ball on your foot and the concept of living life to the fullest wouldn't work.